Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election Polls: Trump’s Numbers Improving Nationally But Still Behind Read more at

July 18, 2016|12:07 am


How are the Republicans and Donald Trump faring in the polls against Democrats and Hillary Clinton? Not much has changed in the Electoral College numbers of this past week—Hillary Clinton is still leading the polls, albeit Donald Trump’s numbers aren’t too far behind.

“Voting for the Lesser Evil”

The common sentiment is that the voters are torn—both candidates have strong qualities that do not sit well with the voting population. According to the survey done by Langer Research, 6 out of 10 voters are unhappy with the current choices they have. Politics will always be polarizing, but this year’s election makes it more apparent.

If there is one thing sure, the voters are seemingly choosing for the “lesser evil.” Both Clinton and Trump are viewed negatively by 58 percent of the voters. The results show that the mindset is that voters are basing their choices on their perception that one is worse than the other.

Let’s Dissect the Numbers

In the latest Real Clear Politics survey, Clinton’s numbers have dipped while Trump’s increased. Still, with months leading to the Election Day, it is still anybody’s game.



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