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Beacon Bolt

Love takes many forms. The majority of the time the word love invokes fuzzy warm thoughts of affectionate parents, young newlyweds, or naive high school romances; perhaps even the bond formed with a pet. All qualify as love to different extents, and obviously there are many more forms of it that are not being mentioned. However, in a society that is seemingly becoming ultra-sensitive and subjective, I’d like to take a few minutes to reflect on a form of love that, at least for me personally, isn’t always appreciated but in hindsight has been extremely impactful in a positive way. Tough love doesn’t always feel to receive, in fact most time it can really sting. Tough love has left me with a bruised ego, angry, obstinate, and in the moment feeling anything but loved. But that’s ok. Tough love isn’t meant to feel good, and its purpose is to instill…

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