Praise God in the Storm


Yesterday while at work a dear friend came to visit me. When I was in the Health care field.  Going into homes and providing care for those dealing with a variety of illnesses.  It is then I met Karen and her husband.  I was providing care for her husband.  Never once did I take it for granted my time spent with both of them.  Her husband and I use to pick bible verses and memorize them.  The three of us always enjoyed talking about our Lord and Savior and our Heavenly Father. When we think about sharing our testimony I don’t believe we always understand the importance of it because we never know how it could touch that once person and encourage them to turn there life over to Christ.

Gerald had a past that dealt with heavy drinking and affairs among other things but Karen remained faithful in the marriage even at times wavering upon staying or leaving the marriage. When Gerald became ill he found out what it ment to have unwavering faith. The man that many would of never believed would turn to God DID! he always had a great sense of humor and loved telling jokes but he understood what Gods forgiveness, grace, love but most of all God’s will for him ment.

He has passed on and dwells in the Kingdom of Heaven. He is missed each day but we never expected was to find out that Karen had Cancer.  She hadn’t been feeling well for sometime but never took the time away from caring for husband to take care of herself. She lost her hair and was wearing a wig and had to have a colostomy bag she was weak but dealing with it all she always believed what ever God’s will is for her it never ment for her to give up but to believe and have faith.  When she came to see me she wasn’t wearing a wig she had all her hair back and she looked amazing.  If you didn’t know about the cancer she would of never known anything was wrong.  She is once again facing surgery again this month but her doctor said that the change that has gone on inside of her since the last visit can not be scientifically explained.  We both knew it was Gods doing and his hands of healing.  Praise God!

When we get caught up in the negatives that can happen in our life we open the door for Satan to try and bring us down.  It is not God’s desire for sadness, fear ect. When we are to busy feeling sorry for our own-selves we are forgetting that there our others around us that are fighting for there lives.  It minimizes what we are dealing with.

Each day we make a choice when we wake up to be thankful we have been given another day and thank our Lord for the blessings and even the trials.  Reminding ourselves that it is not us that are in control but God.  You can trust him but we must be obedient and have saving faith through it all.

The most tragic thing we can do is die without Christ.  We can claim we believe but it is our walk that defines us.  We are wise when we choose Christ as our way of life.  If someone diagnosed with a life threatening illness can smile and praise God then we are wasting time by giving up and dwelling in the past because that is giving Satan the glory not the man that gave his only begotten son for us.

Have a blessed day and in all you do give praise to God!


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