You’ve Got What It Takes, Joyce Meyers

Do you ever doubt yourself or your self worth? Your not alone because many of us have and do.  At my age you would think I would of figured out years ago that ” I have got what it takes” but I still struggle with it to this day.

The world those close to us can be the very ones that can make us doubt ourselves because many of us are “people pleaser’s” when we become so involved in taking care of everyone else and pleasing them we can lose ourselves.  Does God want us to be helpful to others? YES! but I believe that we should be first consumed with Him. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us we must be worth ALOT to him.  If he believes in us and we are taking the time to do as he commands of us then we wont need the acceptance of those that we are trying to please.

Our mind set is important we can choose to be happy or miserable.  I encourage you to listen to this broadcast.

God Bless!


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